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Let us trim, shape and prune your shrubs for you!


Do you need landscaping rock, mulch, fresh plantings or sod?  Let us improve the appearance of your home or business!

Snow Plowing

Winter doesn’t have to be unpleasant.  Our residential and commercial plowing services let you stay inside and enjoy the heat!

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Hire a Professional

There are many reasons to hiring a professional for trimming and pruning jobs. You may not have enough time and don’t want to spend your weekend doing yard work. The scope of the project may be too large to accomplish in a timely manner. Or you may lack the skill or equipment to complete the

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Controlling Size of Shrubs

Often times it is difficult to imagine how large newly planted shrubs will become over the coming years. Homeowners usually plant shrubs and small trees too close together, too close to their house or in a location that is too small once the plants grow. Once the shrubs have been planted, they are sometimes left

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Why Prune Your Shrubs?

Pruning shrubs, trees and perennials is important in maintaining the scale of your landscape areas. Proper and scheduled pruning/trimming help keep shrubs healthy and prevent problems from occuring. Properly pruned flowering shrubs not only blossom season after season, but also remain a desirable size in your landscape. Keeping your landscape trees trimmed up is vital to

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Questions to ask your lawn care provider

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Are you registered with the state? Do you have liability and worker’s comp insurance? Does your company pay taxes?  How long have you been in business? Do you have references? In the past week, while looking at potential jobs and talking with customers, these questions were asked of me quite a few times. I absolutely loved

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Reliable Lawn Care in Woodbury, MN

You ever try and contact a company to perform work on your property and they don’t respond? You email, call and text and you just hear the crickets. I always wonder why this happens so much in the lawn care industry. Companies take the time to build websites, pass out flyers and post stuff on

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Not getting what you were promised?

The lawn care industry gets a bad reputation from some people and companies that promise things to get the job/contract and then neglect to follow through on them. This happens much to often and leaves a bad taste in customer’s mouths. When a new custmomer contacts Branching Out Shrub Trimming, the first thing we asked is

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Lawn Care in Woodbury Minnesota

At Branching Out Shrub Trimming, we promote “push” lawn mowing. We use Toro push mowers to help ensure that your yard is mowed just the way you want it. We want your yard to have the best curb appeal it can. After we are done cutting your grass at the proper height, we trim the

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Snow is melting (not fast enough)

Now that the snow is melting and hopefully no more storms are in the forecast, we can start the adventure of another year in the lawn care business. New blades on the stihl hedge trimmers and new blowers in the fleet will help us achieve the best results for our customers in the Woodbury, MN

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Push Lawn Mowing

At Branching Out Shrub Trimming, we promote “push” lawn mowing. We use Toro push mowers to help ensure that your yard is mowed just the way you want it. We want your yard to have the best curb appeal it can. This does take a few more minutes, but it is well worth it! Whether we trim

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Dethatching vs Power Raking

Thatch is a layer between the soil and the grass. Thatch tends to build up and blocks nutrients and water from getting to the roots. Removing thatch from your yard is the key to the overall health of your turf. This is why Branching Out Shrub Trimming recommends that your turf is dethatched or power

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Snow in Woodbury, MN

Snow is only a few months away. Branching Out Shrub Trimming has all your snow and salting needs taken care of in Woodbury, MN.

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Snow Removal

At Branching Out Shrub Trimming, we only use snow blowers and shovels when removing snow from your driveway and sidewalks. This may take a few more minutes, but we pride ourselves on doing a great job and not ruining your turf with a plow.

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Brush Removal

Do you have a pile of sticks or branches piled on your property? What about leaves or shrub clippings? Branching Out Shrub Trimming is the locally owned company to call for all your brush removal needs in Woodbury, MN. We will promptly come to your property and haul all the debris away, once again making

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Cutting down perennials

Cutting down perennials is usually done in the fall, but if you didn’t, spring will also work just fine. Cutting the hostas for example, will allow for them grow again. You can very the height that you cut them at to ensure that they are covering and filling in the area that you would like

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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing is a very important for proper curb appeal. Whether you mow your own yard and you just need help while you’re on vacation or you want weekly lawn mowing service, Branching Out Shrub Trimming is your do it all company in Woodbury, MN.http://www.branchoutshrub.com

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Spring Cleanup & Dethatching

Home owners in Woodbury, MN are encouraged to have their yards dethatched to help the grass get off to a healthy growing season. This occurs by power raking the turf, blowing out landscape areas and vacuuming up all the debris. http://www.branchoutshrub.com

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Stihl Hedge Trimmers

Branching Out Shrub Trimming only uses Stihl hedge trimmers. We use the Stihl HS 81T models and believe they are the best in the industry. These hedge trimmers run all day long without any problems. We use premium gasoline and Sthil 2 cycle oil to keep them running great job after job. They leave a

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Planning a Shrub Area

A visually satisfying composition of shrubs consists of several elements. Look at the characteristics of the individual shrubs, and consider the effects those characteristics have on each other. The shape, color and texture are all important. Think about how their size will change. A small shrub now may grow huge in a few years time.

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Arborvitaes are popular evergreen shrubs. These shrubs are used to make hedges or stand alone. Trimming/Pruning arborvitaes should be done in early spring or in mid summer. You can trim the sides and top to help control the size of these shrubs. Trimming them on a regular basis helps ensure thicker, shapely  growth. Waiting too

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Crabapple Trees

Pruning Crabapple trees is usually done after the spring flowering ends. This usually happens mid to late spring. Pruning the trees helps keep them off of roofs, from hitting buildings and from blocking or hanging on sidewalks. This is also a good time to remove dead and broken branches. Pruning yearly, once the tree is

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Pruning Lilacs

Lilacs are one of the most widely planted shrubs in the U.S. Lilacs are very pretty when in full bloom. To help ensure that they stay looking pretty and healthy, pruning will need to be done. The ideal way to prune lilacs, is right after the blossoms turn brown and begin to die. By pruning

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Trimming For Apperance

Sometimes we see the same old landscaping everyday and we don’t notice what could be done to spruce it up. The best way to analyze your property is to take a fresh look when returning from a vacation or just a weekend away.  When people take a closer look at their landscaping, they realize that

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Spring is a great time to trim and prune your shrubs that were not completed in the fall. Removing dead branches off the shrubs will help ensure healthy growth.You want to do this before new growth starts, so you do not cut the new growth.Most people are not sure when the best time is to

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