Spring Clean Up

Power Raking vs. Dethatching


Dethatching your lawn in Woodbury, MN is the first step in promoting healthy turf for your home or business.


Thatch is a layer of  grass and stems that has not fully decomposed, that sits at the layer of your soil and grass.  This layer of thatch prevents your turf from it’s fullest capability by preventing water and essential nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass blades.  That is why Power Raking, or Dethatching is a significant service to jump start your lawn for healthy growth.


Power Raking Power Raking

Power raking and detatching are two, very different procedures.  Power raking is the mechanical process of a powered rake that pulls thatch up from your lawn.  Power raking is a much more intensive and vigorous process; thus the results are more noticeable and more beneficial to your lawn as can be seen by the amount of debris hauled to the compost site. At Branching Out Shrub Trimming, we also take the time to hand rake areas that can’t be power raked or gotten to with a machine. After your property has been raked, we then use mowers to vacuum up the dead grass and debris which is then put in our trailer to be hauled to the Woodbury dump. With using a power rake, hand rake and blowers, your yard will look the best it possibly can after we are done.


Dethatching is  the process of a tine rake mounted to the front of a commercial lawnmower.  While this is a effective process, power raking is the preferred method.







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